Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal is an adventurous activity, and it is more adventurous than trekking because it involves walking to the base of the mountain, as well as reaching the top of this mountain.

Trekking in Nepal will fulfill your desire to see mountains that you have never seen before. But climbing the mountain there is much more than trekking because it takes you to the maximum height. Sometimes, it meets your imagination. Trekking may not be looked upon in the same way as peak climbing by the people because what a climber creates is a record. Climbing is also different because it involves walking on the mountain, while trekking is walking on a high altitude terrain. Actually, this is what a trekking should be. Also, climbing is for a hard – core adventurer, who loves to take up risks. Another thing that it consists is hardship. And for such people, its hardships and risks are darlings to their hearts.

It cannot be taken for granted that every peak climbing in Nepal revolves around hardships and risks because some are so easy that they can be climbed even by the beginners in 1 night and 2 days. Some require 15 days, and they are for professionals. The easy peaks that can be climbed by the beginners are Island Peak and Mera Peak. These peaks are also called trekking peaks. Some climbing are technical, as well as difficult. And mountain climbing is not that expensive in Nepal.

Standing on the top of mountain can be looked upon as an achievement of a lifetime. The reason is the summit, and there is nothing higher than this because it is final. Mountain Ascend Treks takes you to that summit of the mountain by providing climbing guide, equipment, and necessary things that you need to reach successfully.

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