Nepal, a landlocked country, just like some of the countries of Europe, has an open border in the west, east, and south direction with India. Similarly, it has an open border with Tibet and China in the north direction. So, it lies between the two giants of Asia.

Nepal is a traditional country; Nepal is a spiritual country that you realize as you visit its city, as well as its remote area. This is the way of Nepal; this is the style of Nepal, and this is one of the main characteristics of Nepal. Sandwiched between the two most developed countries of Asia, India and China, she is not willing to learn any new thing from them. In order to see why Nepal is not developing in full swing, you have to be like an audience, who sees and supports its team, but unsure who will win the match?

Nepal, categorized as a poor country, in terms of income per capita, was never colonized. But its snow-clad mountains that are the highest on Earth contains the natural beauties and gives the lasting impression to the world.

Nepal is a secular country, but it is predominantly a Hindu country, however, it has co-existed with other religions, such as the Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity and welcomes all of these with a wide open arm. When you see this, you see unity in diversity in Nepal and are in a country that displays a fine example of multicultural and multilingual that can be seen only in some parts of the world.

Nepal has different types of landscapes, from the Terai region to green lush forest to snow-covered mountains to the hottest region. She has 8 of the world’s highest mountains that are all 8000 m plus and that are amazing and a must see for the trekkers.

You always feel small when you stand in front of these mountains. They coincide with your biggest imagination. They are also the sources of income to Nepal and of the greatest rivers of India. They are also the source of water which is used for agriculture purpose and priceless. Overall, they are amazing for rafting.

Some of the features of Nepal are

Nepal is the cheapest tourist destination in the world.
Nepal is the safest destination to travel in the world.
Nepal is a perfect destination for trekking.
Nepal is the land of the mountains.
Nepal is a beautiful country.
Kathmandu is the most developed city of Nepal.