Manaslu Region

The sceneries of the Manaslu Region are exceptional and give a combo experience to both trekkers and adventure seekers. It also includes the Manaslu Mountain that lies in the background and that gets a lot of attention. This 8000 m mountain is the fifth highest mountain in the world. This mountain also makes the region ideal for trekking.

Other special highlights include Manaslu Conservation Area and its attractions, such as rare floras and faunas. As we trek in this area, we can enjoy its ever green staggering forest. This area can be said as the center of peace. Like other trekking regions, the people of the Manaslu Region are also engaged in agricultural activities, and they have their own dialect, culture, custom, dresses, dance and songs, and each of these is a great new thing to see. There will be vibrancy in our eyes when we see colorful prayer flags, mani walls, chortens, and stupas. All these create a little Tibet in Nepal. As we trek further, the guide resurfaces about the hidden culture of the region. We pass the monasteries, and it emerges on our minds that everything about the Manaslu Region is sacred. It also has caves.

As we walk in the calmness of the floras; there is an abundance of vegetations, and their colorfulness gets lively as we walk along with them. All, we have to do is to enjoy this dynamic feature of the Manaslu Region amidst the nature. We will also find happiness, and this can be looked upon as a magnetic side. Moreover, we may spot Red Panda and Snow – Leopard.

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