Peak climbing in Nepal is an adventurous activity, and it is more adventurous than trekking because it involves walking to the base of the mountain, as well as reaching the top of this mountain.

Trekking in Nepal will fulfill your desire to see mountains that you have never seen before. But climbing the mountain there is much more than trekking because it takes you to the maximum height. Sometimes, it meets your imagination. Trekking may not be looked upon in the same way as climbing by the people because what a climber creates is a record. Climbing is also different because it involves walking on the mountain, while trekking is walking on a high altitude terrain. Actually, this is what a trekking should be. Also, climbing is for a hard – core adventurer, who loves to take up risks. Another thing that it consists is hardship. And for such people, its hardships and risks are darlings to their hearts.

It cannot be taken for granted that every climbing peak in Nepal revolves around hardships and risks because some are so easy that they can be climbed even by the beginners in 1 night and 2 days. Some require 15 days, and they are for professionals. The easy peaks that can be climbed by the beginners are Island Peak and Mera Peak. These peaks are also called trekking peaks. Some climbing are technical, as well as difficult. And climbing is not that expensive in Nepal.

Standing on the top of mountain can be looked upon as an achievement of a lifetime. The reason is the summit, and there is nothing higher than this because it is final. Mountain Ascend Treks takes you to that summit of the mountain by providing climbing guide, equipment, and necessary things that you need to reach successfully.


In this rare Island Peak Climbing via EBC package, you will be reaching the base camp of the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. The Everest Base Camp trek is a worthwhile trek which you must do atleast once. The second part of this Island Peak Climbing via EBC package includes summitting to the top of 6000+ metres Island Peak that showcases rewarding views of the Everest range. The view and feeling of reaching the top of a peak is pleasing and satisfying.

Undoubtedly, this Island Peak Climbing via EBC is the trip that fulfills the dreams and fantasies of both a trekker and a climber straightly in the way they want. To some, this may look like an extraordinary achievement or a glory that should be enjoyed both from the inside and outside. The sense of achievement from this whole feat is something that cannot be described with words. This Island Peak Climbing & Everest Base Camp Trek incites trekkers and climbers living in different parts of the world.

This Island Peak Climbing & Everest Base Camp package from Mountain Ascend is perfect for all kind of travelers. This trek is best for travelers with bi interest looking for trekking and peak climbing adventure in one. This is arguably one of the most adventurous trips in the world as it makes all the nerves in your brains overwhelmed by the unique places you reach and views you get to see. You explore in the midst of the highlights of the Everest region blessed with the power of nature that your heart appreciates from its bottom. You are always at the apex of the wonder in this trip. Getting a close-up view of nature, snow-covered mountains and landscapes definitely matters to you and what could be more appropriate to you than this Island Peak Climbing & Everest Base Camp package.

In order to experience this adventure, first you have to fly to Lukla, one of the extreme airports in the world. From Lukla, you walk along the promising trekking trails of the Everest Base Camp viewing beautiful landscapes towards the Sherpa villages of Phakding, Namche Bazar, Tengboche and Dingboche. The beautiful landscapes plunge you into their non-stop beauties that scale up above your imagination.


Mera Peak, one of the most climbable peaks of the world, continues to fascinate the climbers, living in different parts of the world, with its easy peak climbing route in Nepal that you can ever imagine in a mountain. It is indeed grand; it is also impressive, and it is tempting in nature. Also, it has varied alluring features that will meet the expectations of a climber and that capture the attention of your mind, times without number. It has the reputation of an easy peak, less fatal, and this is what matters to the world, and this has also has been looked upon as a driving force by the climbers for a long time.

Mera Peak has the elements that are on your favor, and one of them is summitting it. It is also a warm up peak for those, who are climbing Mt. Everest. It seems Mera Peak Climbing is for everybody because it is not a technical peak. Its height ascends to 6000 m plus, a height that has to be respected, the requirement height, as well as the standard elevation that you want to ascend in your life. It is good to have lifetime experience on this peak, where the climbing to the top is always successful. This climbing demands physical fitness from you, after all, you are climbing such an altitude.

The top of Mera Peak is a vantage point, for it shows the view of 8000 m mountains, soaring around us, such as Everest, Makalu, Lhotse, Cho Oyu and Kanchenjunga, as well as to enjoy the panoramic view of snow clad mountains that has the best of the best view in the world.

With the world class climbing guide of Mountain Ascend Treks, you are going to have this, as well as stand on the top of Mera Peak. This is also the guide, who will teach you from scratch, such as how to fix ropes, how to climb up the rocky area, and how to walk on a steep edge, and so on. After all, Mera Peak is a mixed climbing of ice climbing, snow climbing, and rock climbing. These are all the things that you will be doing during Mera Peak Climbing in Nepal.


Climbing the mountain is achieving a desired result, while struggling during the climbing is the part of fun. It is also the part of adventure. You find all of these in the Lobuche East, if you are climbing a mountain for the first time, above all, you will enjoy it that a beginner climber had never thought of. When you reach its summit, you get the full satisfaction.

Indeed, Lobuche East is a gateway to that satisfaction that cannot be found in other places of the world. Lobuche East is your dream mountain, and Mountain Ascend Treks makes your dream come true, but all you have to do while climbing is focus on its summit, your main goal.You reach the summit by the afternoon, from where you can see the stunning view of Everest, Lhotse, Ama Dablam, Cholatse, Makalu, Khumbutse, Pumori, Kantega, and so on. These incredible Himalayas surround you, and you call this moment an epic moment. You also see the Khumbu icefall, one of the main highlights of the Everest Region.

The route to the summit consists of the zigg-zagg trail, screes, high camp, and so many varieties of heart stopping adventures. Lobuche East is steep; Lobuche East is pretty, and Lobuche East is incredible. There, the more you climb, the more steep area you reach. So, catch the rope and ascend. Ascending starts before the dawn, probably at mid-night. Ascending is also technical because you have to climb vertical steep, where you will become breathless. It also consists of snow and ice climbing, in addition to rock climbing. You climb on a ridge and you also walk on a summit ridge and see the panoramic view of the Himalayas.

High Camp is at 5400 m. Follow your guide strictly. The base of the Lobuche East has alpine desert features. And from there to the summit is a zone, where your physical strength will be tested.