Travel Insurance

Proof of travel insurance is mandatory before starting the trek. Standard policies often only cover medical evacuation to 4000m. So make sure the policy you get covers trekking as an activity up to 6000m. Some policies require that you pay for evacuation in Nepal upfront and will reimburse you when you get home and submit the documents. Evacuation can cost up to $5000 so make sure that your policy will actually pay for any expenses while you are traveling. You only need to be covered on the policy for the days you will actually be trekking.

It does not happen often but if you are evacuated and want to make an insurance claim it’s mandatory to get a hospital report in Nepal as soon you get off the mountain. Often, trekkers with altitude sickness feel better once they get to a lower elevation, but it’s important to get the proper medical documentation for claims. The hospital will charge you a fee of $150 for the medical report required by your insurance. You are responsible for any evacuation or medical bills that are incurred in Nepal. Most insurance companies will cover these costs for you before you leave the country. But, some will want you to pay all costs out of pocket and then reimburse you. We suggest that you check your insurance policy and ensure that they will cover all costs upfront in the event of an evacuation.

Some insurance policies will cover trip interruptions. This type of policy is useful in the event your Lukla flight is canceled and you end up having to book a helicopter or even have to rebook your international flight. Our team will help you in obtaining any documentation requested by your insurance company.