Tibet, the highest table land of the world, is an interesting country and is the centre of attraction to the outsiders. Tibet is both mystical and mythical and the top destination for the travellers, who want to know something about the lost world. It is rich in terms of monasteries, palaces, and Buddhism. Tibet is also renowned for its Khamba La, Karo La and Gyatmso La Pass trekkings. Its trekking trail leads you to Gyantse Dzong and Gyantse Kumbum. All of these are famous monasteries. The journey through Tibet is different from another country because it is as calm as these monasteries are, and it is just magical.

To the world, Tibet is an isolated country, at the same time, it is as beautiful as anything else. It has alluring landscapes and is the land of myths, where gods and goddesses dominate the life of the Tibeteans. Also, it is the land of famous saints. From this, you can say Tibet is religious, above all, it is a gateway to know snow – clad mountains. Some of these mountains are famous in the world and their names are Shisapangma, Makalu, Cho-Oyu, Everest, Lhotse, and Langtang. Because of these awesome mountains, the trip to Tibet is always compelling. Many great rivers originate from these mountains.

Tibet is a treasure trove of historical monuments. It is also an open grassland with green hills and vast dryland. In addition, it has diversities and each of these makes your journey to Tibet unforgettable.

Other special highlights of Tibet are the Sera Monastery, Norbulingka, Jokhang Temple, Potala Palace and Drepung Monastery. Potala palace is massive and can be seen from any parts of Lhasa. On the other hand, Norbulingka palace is beyond your imagination because of its architecture. Jokhang temple,the oldest temple of Lhasa,is the place of gods.

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