According to the Nepalese Standard, Kathmandu is the most developed city. How much developed it is; it cannot separate itself from its natural forest and traditional villages that are around it. The traditional villages have terraced farmlands. And it is in this region that you will hike. For hikers, this feature is a commodity.

Why hikers hike is based on so many reasons because hiking is a favorite way to spend time because they are introduced to local culture as well as they are taken to temples, monasteries, stupas, and in the midst of green hills. Hikers taste these beauties and become the happiest travellers.To the Nepalese, hiking means a short, easy, and gentle walk on accessible hills. In comparison to trekking, it can be stretched from one day to three days. Hiking around Kathmandu also showcases incomparable and breath-taking view of mountains, as well as takes us to a landscape that is a home to wild animals and plants.

During hiking, we see a chain of hills. Hiking is customizable. Hiking is a journey with difference, as well as a retreat for an easy walker, who wants to enjoy within the zone of comfort every outdoor activity

Isolated from Kathmandu, the region, where you are going to hike has natural beauties that will bring you stand – still. And the villagers always want to look extraordinary by following their age – old traditions that are completely different from ours. There, along with this, in the shadow of the natural beauties, your hiking becomes a super trip.