Counting my days to say goodbye to where I literally live for more than a decade was daunting. But I found ways to calm myself down with all the stress I have to do for my move. And this trip was one way to calm my nerves and plus its fun to travel. This trip was planned for a few months but executed in just 2 days (minus my researching and reading blogs about Nepal)). Trip itinerary, flights, accommodation and transfers were all done all together. Now, all we have to do is wait.

I started researching about Nepal mid October 2018. Already read a few blogs about where to go, what to do and what to eat (this is the most important part of the trip that I always look forward to – aren’t we all?!). So I basically have an idea on what we can do. Contacted a few tour companies and one stood out the most as they were very prompt to respond and the price was reasonable. Our trip was customised according to the things we wanted to do. I checked with my friends (travelling with 3 more girls) if they had any particular place or an activity they would like to do that they want included, all 2 gave me the go signal except for 1 – Paragliding. I don’t have that in mind (it’s supposed to be river rafting but too cold to do that) but heck why not, it’s my last trip of the year and my last trip being single so heck yeah. Sent all of my researched places and the paragliding of course. The tour company sent back the completed itinerary for a 6 day trip, all inclusive of 3-star accommodation, transportation, airport transfer and a tour guide for a total of $350 each, thats a steal in my opinion.