Nepal has different types of landscapes, from the Terai region to green lush forest to snow-covered mountains to the hottest region. It has 8 of the world’s highest must-see mountains that are all 8000 m plus. Its snow-clad mountains are the highest on Earth contains natural beauty and give a lasting impression to the world. You always feel small when you stand in front of these mountains. Mountain biking in Nepal could be quite tough for young travelers who like to challenge themselves, due to the numerous off-roads, rough terrain, and other factors. They coincide with your biggest imagination. 

1. Annapurna Circuit Biking

Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking is an adventure cycling package in which you ride at an altitude of 5000+ meters watching over the snow-covered mountain pass, called Thorong La Pass. Thorong La is the highest point you reach in this package. The biking route passes through rough terrain, stones, pebbles, steep up and downhill trails which are challenging. This Annapurna Circuit Mountain Biking package gives you an adventurous biking experience in the Himalayan region of Nepal. This is also an uphill biking trail, in which you have to carry a cycle for 4 hours. While from the top of the pass, all you do is cycle downward to Beni. 

2. Upper Mustang Mountain Biking

Our mountain biking trip to the Upper Mustang Valley is truly an awe-inspiring adventure and a phenomenal experience that you’ll never forget.

Words can’t really describe this amazing & unique place of ancient Buddhist and Tibetan culture. The Upper Mustang, where our destination point ‘Lo-Manthang’ is located, is a remote and forbidden area, restricted to foreigners until 1992.

Now, with our unique knowledge of the area and our passion for finding awesome biking trails, we’ve managed to carve out a spectacular route on some of the most remote trails in the world. Our Upper Mustang Mountain biking trip is undoubtedly one of Nepal’s top rides if you’re seeking something genuinely unique!

Lo-Manthang, the ultimate destination of this route, is an area where only a handful of foreigners ever visit and only possible with a special permit. The town was constructed in the 15th century on a plateau 3800 meters above sea level. Our journey to reach it goes high onto the Tibetan Plateau at a maximum altitude of 4300 meters. As you leave Lower Mustang and venture deeper into the Kaligandaki gorge you’ll leave behind the familiar Nepali greeting of “Namaste”. The word ‘Namaste’ has now been replaced by “Tashi Delek” in the local regional dialect. This area is the home of the ancient Tibetan Kingdom with a recorded history dating back 700 years.

3. Downhill  Mountain Biking

The  Downhill Mountain Biking takes you through the most beautiful areas of Kathmandu, Pokhara, Jomsom, Muktinath, Marpha, and Tatopani. Experience the best biking adventure through this downhill mountain biking trip in Nepal.

Route Info:

On a subsequent day, you enjoy a scenic drive to Pokhara enjoying the hills, rivers, and small towns. From Pokhara, you fly to Jomsom, the Windiest Place of Nepal. Jomsom, the starting point of your  Downhill Mountain Biking, is located at an altitude of 2,700 m and offers a fine view of the Dhaulagiri Peak. You begin this biking in a region, which amalgamates the bank of the Kali Gandaki River, a motorable road, and a single track. It also includes an uphill track up to Muktinath, the sacred site both for the Hindus and for the Buddhists. There is also the Muktinath temple, which has derived its name from “Muktikhestra”, a Sanskrit word. Above all, Muktinath offers a fine view of Annapurna I (8,091 m), including Nilgiri, Tukucheand other 8,000 m peaks.

The  Downhill Mountain Biking in Nepal becomes true to its name from Muktinath, as you head all the way downhill to Pokhara, the finishing point of your biking. Between Muktinath and Marpha, you pass by yak herds, and you come across the people, who still follow the old traditional lifestyle even in the 21st century. From Marpha, there is a fantastic downhill ahead to Tatopani, which means hot water in Nepali. This hot water is actually a spring hot water by the Kali Gandaki River; plunge into the water to loosen your tightened muscle. It also makes you ready for the next day of biking, which further leads you to the beautiful valley, Pokhara. Take a rest in Pokhara, by watching the lake, and by watching the three highest mountains in the world, viz.  Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Manaslu, including the Fishtail mountain.