October is the best month for Mustang trip because as we all know that the road of mustang is known as the most difficult road in the world. October is in the middle of autumn season and perfect time to explore the difficulty trip. In this month the temperature is moderate where you can find a clear weather.

October is the ending of monsoon season and the begining of autumn season. Autumn season is the perfect season for trekking because the period of day and night is equal in length. The adventerous road way, the bluish sky, the stony landscape, snow capped mountains, uplifiting views heartly welcomes you.

Many people desired to have an adventorous journey and they choose Nepal for trekking but despite choosing Mustang they choose a simple place where they enjoy the artificial things by which they are little satisfied for a moment only. In my point of view if you wanna have an adventorous journey you must make a plan for Mustang trip.

Why Mustang Trip In October?

As I have already mentioned that october is in the middle of autumn season where the length of day and night almost get equal and the temperature is also moderate, october is perfect for trekking. Some of the reason why you should choose mustang trip on october is mentioned below.

1. Adventurous Sports

Mustang is famous for adventure sports such as cycling, rock climbing, horse riding and mountain biking.
Due to expensive restricted area permit, very few foreign travelers visit this area by mountain biking.
But among the local adventure lovers, mountain biking to the upper mustang is becoming popular and frequent these days.

2. Temperature And Clement

Autumn season is the best season for mustang trekking because it has moderate climate and and you can have a safe ride upto mustang because the road of mustang is difficult. In this period the weather is almost clear and you can have a beautiful scenic of mustang. The temperature is in most favourable condition that you dont need to carry a lot of clothes, heavy sleeping bags, and other heavy materials. You can trek in light clothes and carry light sleeping bags. The night will be less cold in comparision to winter and help you to carry less heavy material.

3. Month Of Festival

In the month of october the greatest festival of nepal, dashain and tihar fall. This festivel is mainly celebrated in hilly region. In this festival you can see people sharing their happiness with each other. This festival is the only way of making people closer who were far from each other eengaging on their work. In this festival you can see lovely decoration on the street, houses, and park. You can see a huge swing in every ground of hilly region made by bamboo. If you wanna see and enjoy this festival you can stay a week in kathmandu and pokhara where this festival is mainly celebrated in different way.

4. Baragaon

Baragaon (“Twelve Villages”) is a northerly sub-region lying between Jomsom and the region of Lo, in and around the Muktinath Valley, extending from south of Ghilling to Lubra lying north of Jomsom. It is sometimes called Glo Bosmad (“Lower Lo”), as it shares many geographical features of Lo proper, with some parts falling inside Upper Mustang. The central town of Baragaon is Kagbeni, at the confluence of Muktinath or Dzong (Jhong) River and Kali Gandaki River. Kagbeni is on the well-traveled route to the pilgrimage site of Muktinath.] Tibetan dialect (Pheke) prevails here, though the people of Tangbe, Chhusang, Tetang, Tsaile and Ghyaker also speak Seke, a language closely related to Thakali.

5. Visit Old Settlement And Monastery Of Kagbeni

Kagbeni is the gateway to upper Mustang. You can stay in one of the hotels to explore the junction of Muktinath and the Kali Gandaki river.
Every year, many Hindu people visit this connection to pray to god and to pay homage to their ancestors.
Added, you can also discover more than 500 years old monastery and the age-old Kagbeni Village.

6.Try Local Cuisines

Thakali food is the famous meal throughout the country which you can enjoy at its home place- Mustang. You can also enjoy the different local products of apples such as wine, beer, dried items etc.
All the travelers try some local cuisines of upper mustang like Tibetan bread, Khapse, Marpha, local tea mixed with salt and butter during the trek.

Materials We Need To Carry

As Mustang belong to himalaya region, the climate will be always cold not like the cold in winter but there may be slightly changes in cold. At the night time the temperature will be little cold than in day time. While going on trekking we must take care our health. To care for health we need to have some of those material with us:


Upper Body:-

• Thermal coat
• Rain jacket
• Down jacket
• Caps
• Wollen caps (if you need it at night)
• Wollen gloves
• Normal gloves
• Scarf

Lower Body:-

• Thermal pants
• Rain tracks
• Wollen socks
• Trekking boots
• Trekking socks

Other Material:-


Mustang is overrated place for tourism and also a tourist attracted place. Trek to Mustang is a rare privilege. In a mountainous surrounding of Mustang, you get to do various things.
Here, you will experience the true life of the mountain people. The ones who were not in touch with the rest of Nepal for hundreds of years.
It is one of the last surviving examples of mountain lifestyle and the culture of Nepal.
This trek is possible for people of most age groups due to the recent development and road construction.